Down below you can listen to various tracks in random genres from different projects including pc, console, mobile & arcade machines.

CLICK HERE to listen to the first part of OST for Against The Storm on streaming platforms.
Here's the second part of the OST.
The videos below are a full version of those too.


Music for kiddy rides, air hockeys and arcade machines from WIK

music for riding machine for kids (2016)
music for arcade riding machine toy car game (2016)
joyful music for arcade riding car machine (2016)
"insert coin" background music for air hockey (2016)

My works for Shattered Plane (mobile, 2018) action turn-based strategy game from Eremite Games.

menu theme for orchestra and choir


slow background main gameplay music
tutorial background gameplay music


action fight battle gameplay music


Music for various mobile, pc and console games and trailers

music for a webl game with a poseidon theme (2016)
menu theme for a sport mobile game (2019)
menu music for cartoon-style arena shooter with rabbits destroying planets (2016)
adventurous fantasy game map background music (2018)
main theme for steam punk game about an underwater boat (2014)
steamy and mysterious gameplay music for a steam punk game about underwater boat (2014)
house / electronic music for a PC runner game (2015)

If you're interested in how I create sounds for games, I would recommend having a look on first video below in which I discuss the process of creating the music and sounds for Against the Storm, or watch the trailers (following). If you're here for sounds for a mobile game, I suggest playing Traffic Puzzle (f2p).
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